Seven Stars bakery pastry items such as cinnamon rolls, danish, and croissants.

8 Bakeries in Providence RI, to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whether you are looking for a sweet treat or custom wedding cakes, these eight best bakeries in Providence RI have you covered. This charming city is home to some of the best bakeries in the country. These best bakeries in Providence RI serve up delicious desserts and custom cakes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

From traditional birthday cakes to French macarons, there is something for everyone in Providence’s bakery scene. 

To make things simple, the list will be divided into two categories – best bakeries in Providence and best cake bakeries in Providence. That way, you can find exactly the type of bakery you are looking for.

Each of these Providence bakeries has its own unique style and specialties, making them unique. From vegan options to gluten-free treats, these bakeries in Providence RI cater to a variety of dietary needs.

And with so many delicious options to choose from, you’ll want to visit all the bakeries in Providence RI.

Luckily, I’ve done that “hard work” for you already…

This guide will share the address of the restaurants. I’ll also include an online ordering link (if available). And, of course, the most popular dishes you should try.

Different bakeries in Rhode Island offer special and custom cake designer versus Italian cookies and pastries for the holidays. Some even have breakfast sandwiches or lunch options available.

City of Providence, Rhode Island skyline with the buildings and water view.

Best Bakeries in Providence RI

From a variety of holiday cookies to sandwiches, these bakeries in Providence RI have it all. These bakeries are considered staples in the Providence area and can get busy around certain holidays, so plan ahead if you want to order a custom cake in RI.

Scialo Brothers Bakery

Started in 1916 by Luigi Scialo, Scialo Bros Bakery has been a staple in the Federal Hill area ever since. When you research bakeries in Federal Hill or Italian bakeries in Providence, Scialo Brothers will be at the top of the list. The bakery closed in 2020 but reopened when an anonymous group of investors purchased it.

This quaint bakery offers everything from spinach pie and grinders to specialty cakes and desserts. With a wide variety of Italian pastries (eclairs, lobster tail, elephant ears, etc.), be sure to bring your appetite.  

There is no seating at Scialo Brothers Bakery, which is fine to grab a treat and walk around Federal Hill for the day.

257 Atwells Ave
Providence, RI 02903

Seven Stars Bakery

Voted one of the top bakeries in America by the Food Network in 2020, Seven Stars Bakery is known for its artisan breads and dedication to using the best ingredients.  

With a few locations in the Providence area, this local bakery has a loyal following. I like the breakfast sandwiches or cinnamon rolls, but any of their delicious pastries is a great option.

Storefront window for Seven Stars Bakery with two bikes on the sidewalk.
Seven Stars Bakery in Providence RI


103 Point Street 
Providence, RI 02903

820 Hope Street 
Providence, RI 02906

342 Broadway Street 
Providence, RI 02909

20 Newman Avenue 
Rumford, RI 02916

1255 Reservoir Avenue 
Cranston, RI 02920

Seven Stars bakery pastry items such as cinnamon rolls, danish, and croissants.
Sticky buns and danish from Seven Stars Bakery in Providence RI

Madrid European Bakery and Patisserie

Adorable coffee shop and bakery located near Wayland Square, Madrid European Bakery feels like you are traveling overseas.

So many French pastries and sweet treats – it’s hard to pick what to eat. I recommend chocolate croissants or any of the petite desserts – and bring one home for later!

199 Wayland Ave 
Providence, RI 02906

LaSalle Bakery

Another family-owned Rhode Island bakery that has a long tradition is LaSalle Bakery. The owners of LaSalle Bakery embrace their “old-school, old-world, no-shortcut philosophy” in all their products, and it shows.

LaSalle Bakery offers traditional cakes, pastries, and a full breakfast and lunch menu. Personally, I like grabbing a pre-made sandwich or calzone if I’m in the area. It’s an excellent place to have lunch and is always crowded.

Dozens of chocolate chip and M&M cookies from LaSalle Bakery in Providence Rhode Island
Chocolate chip and M&M cookies at LaSalle Bakery in Providence, RI

I also appreciate that their iced coffees aren’t made with fake syrup. LaSalle Bakery has some of the best coffee in Rhode Island. Just another example of their dedication to high-quality products.

But LaSalle Bakery is most well known for its zeppoles. During the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19th), the lines are long while people wait to pick up their delicious zeppoles. LaSalle Bakery offers three flavors during the holiday season – Traditional Italian, Chocolate Mousse, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Best Cake Bakeries in Providence RI


If you want a cocktail to go with your delicious spiced carrot cake, check out Ellie’s. Ellie’s is one of the cutest bakeries in Providence RI, to grab a treat and cocktail. With a full bar, Ellie’s tagline is “Confections, Cocktails, and Coffee,” this amazing bakery also offers breakfast and lunch menu items.

They also host special events like floral arrangements and private baking classes. 

225 Weybosset Street
Providence, RI 02903

Cake weddings | Desserts| Order food or coffee

Pastiche Fine Desserts

Pastiche is located in historic Federal Hill and offers traditional Italian pastries, scones, and specialty cakes. Pastiche is a “European-style cafe” with Federal Hill charm. 

blue building of Pastiche Fine Desserts one of the bakeries in Providence RI
Pastiche Fine Desserts in Federal Hill

Despite being in busy Federal Hill, I was able to find parking easily – perfect for me to grab a quick treat! You can purchase the cakes or desserts by the slice or the whole cake. My wife enjoyed the best cannoli with a coffee but wants to try the tiramisu or fruit tart next time. 

At this time, they do not offer custom or wedding cakes. One can only hope they do offer specialty custom cakes in the future. But I appreciate that you can order the specialty cakes online and see what is sold out.

92 Spruce Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Order online

Image of a cannoli from Pastiche Fine Desserts in Federal Hill, with a puppy in the background
trying to take a picture of my cannoli from Pastiche Fine Desserts, and my dog thought it was for him…


Sin prides itself in being a “coffee shop, dessert bar, and custom cake shop” that has been voted Best in Rhode Island over ten times. Sin is one of the most popular bakeries in Providence RI for extravagant cakes.

Sin is where you should go if you want a custom cake in RI, similar to the ones on Cake Wars or the Food Network.

They also offer lots of vegan and gluten-free cake options, which is great. You can opt for a semi-custom cake or a completely wild design. Any special occasion deserves a fun cake from Sin Bakery.

Sin is one of the bakeries in Providence, RI, that is busy, especially during the summer months, so put your order in ahead of time.

1413 Westminster St
Providence, RI 02909

Order online

Whisk Me Away

Rounding out the bakeries in Providence RI is a new(ish) spot called Whisk Me Away. In addition to delicious wedding and specialty cakes in RI, Whisk Me Away also is open on Saturdays for their yummy pastries and dessert bars from their bakeshop.

The best way to stay on top of their new offerings, and collaborations with local shops, is to check out their Instagram – and drool over all the pics of donuts and cakes!

400 Harris Ave UNIT G
Providence, RI 02909

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And those are the best bakeries in Providence RI – what do you think?

Have you tried any of the Italian pastries or custom cakes? Should I add another bakery in Providence RI to this list? Let me know!

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